Our objectives:

The LAA action in Cartagena will offer regional companies a logistical space equipped with the necessary infrastructures and equipment to offer intermodal logistical services in an efficient and sustainable manner.  On the one hand LAA will achieve a higher level of integration of the Port of Cartagena in the European multimodal distribution and transport network, as well as, on the other hand, a substantial decrease of heavy vehicle traffic in the urban- and port-area of Cartagena.

In this sense, the specific objectives are:


Eliminate urban traffic

Eliminate urban traffic in the port area through eliminating heavy vehicle traffic.


Encouraging transport by rail

Increase the transport of goods by rail as a means of complementary transport, leading to its use in the Region approaching the national and European average, in alignment with the objectives foreseen for 2020.


New intermodal services

Introducing new intermodal services in the Murcia Region.


Improve marketing and distribution

Optimization of regional logistics chains through an efficient combination of modes of transport according to the cargo and destination. All these actions will favour, in turn, the consolidation of integral operators capable of offering better commercialisation and distribution services.


Promote logistical activity

Cartagena LAA has been configured to function as a first level logistics node associated with the Port of Cartagena and connected to the “Mediterranean Corridor”, capable of integrating the logistical needs of the Cartagena Dock(yard), the Escombreras Dock(yard) and the future container Dock(yard) of El Gorguel. And its implementation will increase logistics in the Region.

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