Project financed by the European Union

The LAA project in Cartagena is financed by the CEF programme (Connecting Europe Facility) of the EU, under the title ‘Elimination of bottlenecks that prevent the Port of Cartagena from connecting to the main network and improving urban traffic’, Action 2016-ESTM-0063-S for the development of urban-territorial studies, infrastructure projects and economic and financial analysis, of which the planned location is in the “Los Camachos” Industrial Park.

The project is promoted by the Cartagena Port Authority and receives direct collaboration from the Regional Ministry of Development and Infrastructure as well as the Murcia Region Development Institute.

The cost of the project amounts to 1,3M€, of which the European CEF funds will finance 50%.

Conclusions from the feasibility study for the Cartagena Logistics Activity Area

The first action that has been carried out in the framework of the European project was the preparation of the “Technical and Economic Feasibility Study of developing an Intermodal Terminal and a LAA in the Camachos Industrial Park”.

In this study, the corporate demand for land and logistical services in the area of influence was analysed. In addition, the technical, economic and environmental conditions of the action have been assessed. Lastly, a design proposal has been submitted for the LAA and the Intermodal Railway Terminal. In its conclusions the study indicates that the best alternative for development consists of promoting a Multicentre Logistics Platform, with three differentiated functional areas:


Service Area

A Transportation Services Area where the new Cartagena Logistic Centre will be located and the current facilities of the customs/free warehouse deposit of Cartagena will be moved. The total ground surface of the area is an estimated 16 hectares (net plot area) and will be located in the zone called ‘Los Camachos Norte’.


Logistics Area

A logistical area, which offers plots for the designation and location of logistics facilities. The ground surface planned for this area is estimated at 146 hectares of net plots and is expected to be situated in ‘Los Camachos Norte’ as well, although the execution will be carried out in phases, according and in line with growth and demand over time.


Intermodal Area

An intermodal freight area, where a new Intermodal Railway Terminal will be built, located on a new freight railway variant with a route that will run southeast of the Los Camachos industrial zone.

The Terminal has been designed in such a way, that its construction runs along the railway line enabling optimization of all operations that are to be carried out in the terminal and reducing the physical space the infrastructure occupies.

The results of the feasibility study were presented at the LAA working group to all stakeholders in Cartagena in December 2017.

The Port Authority, Regional Ministry of Development and Infrastructure and the Murcia Region Development Institute, are currently working on the next stage of the project, defining the most appropriate territorial instrument for the integration of the new infrastructure in the environment.


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